Prince Harry remains quiet over ‘The Crown’ Diana death scene
(Credit: Mark Jones)


Prince Harry remains quiet over 'The Crown' Diana death scene

Earlier this year, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle faced criticism from certain members of the public after their prospective deal with Spotify collapsed, but the royal couple seemingly bounced back with some new projects at Netflix.

Netflix are also dealing with a show that will feature Prince Harry, although in a somewhat fictional sense. The sixth season of The Crown is set to arrive on the streaming service and will focus on a matter close to Harry’s heart.

It will detail the car crash that took Harry’s mother, Princess Diana’s life. A producer at Netflix has said that The Crown will dramatize Diana’s death in a “sensitive manner”, which has led to Harry remaining quiet on the issue.

Patrick Christie of GB News has called Harry a “hypocrite” for his silence, though. “What I find interesting is that this flew under the radar for some people,” he said before admitting that The Crown audience “take what happens in that show as fact.”

Royal expert Charles Rae said, “I very much doubt that he will [speak out]; remember, he is still being paid a lot of money by Netflix. I would be very surprised if he is critical of it.”

He added, “I think it’s hypocrisy if he doesn’t do it. He is very quick to chime in about absolutely everything else, but he won’t do it because money talks. And where is his money coming in from at the moment? A lot of it is from Netflix.”

Check out the trailer for The Crown season five below.