Prince Harry goes against William’s request in Netflix documentary
(Credit: Mark Jones)

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Prince Harry goes against William’s request in Netflix documentary

Prince Harry has reportedly gone against his brother William’s will in the new Netflix docuseries Harry and Meghan by showing clips from the late Princess Diana’s Panorama interview with Martin Bashir, which has never been repeated since it aired. 

In the interview, Diana discusses the public scrutiny of her life back in 1995. Prince William claimed that sharing this information only worsened her sense of “fear, paranoia and isolation” and requested that the interview was never shown again. 

The interview was already shrouded in controversy after it was revealed that Bashir had acquired time with Diana through fraudulent means presenting fake bank statements to her brother, Earl Spencer. 

Prince Harry thought that it was apt to discuss this matter because he felt that such practices were now widespread. He claimed, “The ripple effect of the culture of exploitation and unethical practices ultimately took her life.”

In the interview shown, Diana expresses: “When I have public duties, I understand when I get out the car I’m being photographed. But actually, it’s now when I go out of my door, my front door, I’m being photographed. I never know where a lens is going to be.”

Reports of Prince William’s request that this footage isn’t shown emerged recently, following the news that the Royal Family were not approached to comment on the series.