‘Pressure Cooker’ Review: Serving audiences exactly what they need
(Credit: Netflix)


'Pressure Cooker' Review: Serving audiences exactly what they need

If you have been following Netflix for years, you will surely know the streamer’s obsession with producing out-of-the-box reality shows. One of the most recent hits involves a different take on classical cooking shows. Pressure Cooker is Netflix’s newest cooking reality show involving much more than being the best chef.

Popularly described as the mix of Big Brother and Top Chef, Pressure Cooker highlights eleven talented chefs’ in-house and on-duty lives. Living under the same roof, forming alliances, voting out housemates, and serving viewers everything they need. A one-stop destination for non-stop drama with the highlight of it all being food. Something that everyone appreciates and loves dearly. 

Regardless of how much drama was going on behind the counter, the contestants managed to highlight what was at the heart of it successfully—cooking excellent meals, whether it’s fine dining or heartfelt food. The show’s central theme remained steady at how different produce and proteins were approached by the eleven chefs.

Nonetheless, each and every one of the contestants brought their own set of skills and expertise onto the palette, from years of experience to understanding flavours. If you are a cooking show addict yet love the drama served by reality shows, you have stopped at the right place. Here’s an interview with a fan-favourite contestant Mike Eckles for you to catch.

Netflix cracked the solution to appeal to a broader niche of viewers by mixing genres in competitive shows. Similar to Drink Masters or Love is Blind, the competition is fierce. In spite of differences in opinions, every chef manages to serve meals that best represent themselves. Painting a vivid picture of the pressures that chase them when it comes to service. 

The steamer describes the show as “exciting”, and they surely got it right. Whilst living under the same roof and dealing with the stresses of the non-stop challenges will surely put this show at the top of one your cooking list!

As the eleven chefs embark on a stress-filled journey forming personal bonds over service and behind, who is the lucky one to bag $100,000? Find out yourself by tuning into the newest reality hit on Netflix here. Watch the trailer for this jam-packed and truly exciting journey to watch eleven compete over their love of food and profession.

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