The Premiere League is set to release its own Netflix series
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The Premiere League is set to release its own Netflix series

Netflix has created thousands of new Formula 1 fans due to the popularity of its documentary series Formula 1: Drive to Survive. Now, the Premier League is expected to follow in its footsteps by releasing a Netflix documentary about one of the most popular football leagues in the entire world.

The new Premiere League series is going to be stylised in the same way as Formula 1: Drive to Survive because the same company is handling the project. This is definitely good news since it can replicate the F1 show’s American success by attracting wider American audiences to the world of English football.

“When we finished season one, I don’t think we had any expectations,” Paul Martin, Formula 1: Drive to Survive’s executive producer, said in an interview. “We hoped people were going to like it and were going to see it as a fresh take on this world.”

“It’s a soap opera,” James Gay-Rees, Drive to Survive’s other executive producer, added. “Television works when it’s relatable. So, you know, the fact that we basically humanise these drivers and take the helmets off, you realise they are not just units you stick in a car to make go, you know, they’re kids who’ve just got x and y going on in their lives.”

Although most details are unclear at this point, the project is definitely in its planning stages since the Premiere League clubs have been informed about the future documentary series. It will be handled by Box to Box Films, who have already entered talks with the clubs.