‘Players’: the raunchy rom-com everyone’s watching on Netflix
(Credits: Netflix)


'Players': the raunchy rom-com everyone's watching on Netflix

Attention all rom-com aficionados and Gina Rodriguez fans: a new Netflix arrival has got everyone buzzing. The often corny, occasionally raunchy, romantic comedy Players, hit the streaming platform on February 14th, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Directed by Trish Sie and penned by Whit Anderson, Players brings together a cast consisting of some of Television’s funniest and hottest, including Rodriguez, alongside Damon Wayans Jr and the dashing Tom Ellis. The anti-romance crowd should steer clear of this one, but we have a list of essential recommendations for them, too.

While Rodriguez had her breakout role in Netflix’s Jane the Virgin and Lucifer, starring Ellis, has been a big hit for the streaming giant, Damon Wayans Jr. has consistently knocked it out of the park with comedic prowess in shows like New Girl and Happy Endings. So, even with a predictable script, you can expect enjoyable performances from the cast, which is crucial for popcorn entertainers like Players.

The film follows a savvy New York sportswriter named Mack (Rodriguez), who, alongside her best friend Adam (Wayans Jr.), runs “plays”, aka foolproof hookup strategies, that seem to always work like a charm. But as fate would have it, Mack unexpectedly finds herself falling head over heels for one of her targets, Nick (Ellis), sending her carefully crafted playbook into a tailspin. But is Nick the right one for Mack, or is it someone who has been by her side all along? As you do the obvious rom-com math to figure that one out, you can dig into a big bowl of popcorn while at it.

With a supporting cast featuring talents like Joel Courtney, Liza Koshy, Ego Nwodim, and Marin Hinkle, Players delivers adequately on the promised format. As Nina Metz of Chicago Tribune, aptly sums it up, “Players is a perfectly fine — occasionally better-than-fine — romantic comedy starring well-known TV actors who know their way around this kind of material.”

So, if you’re in the mood for a feel-good romp that’s equal parts cheesy and charming, look no further than Players on Netflix, but first, catch the trailer here: