Piers Morgan criticises Naomi Osaka over Netflix docuseries announcement
(Credit: Netflix)

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Piers Morgan criticises Naomi Osaka over Netflix docuseries announcement

Piers Morgan has once again criticised controversial tennis star Naomi Osaka following the release of a trailer for her forthcoming docuseries on Netflix. 

Morgan had previously been critical of Osaka after the world number two ranked star withdrew from the French Open while suffering from depression. 

The tennis phenom withdrew from press conferences citing her mental health as the reason. Osaka was then fined around £10,000 and threatened with expulsion from the competition before she pulled out. 

Piers Morgan called her “world sport’s most petulant little madam” and labelled her a “spoiled brat”. 

The backlash she faced as well as the day-to-day battles of being a top sportsperson struggling with mental illness is now set to be the focus of a new docuseries following the star. The series is simply titled Naomi Osaka.

“The kind of attention I get is kind of ridiculous,” she says in the trailer for the series, directed by Academy Award nominee, Garrett Bradley. It is set to land on the platform on July 16th, as Osaka searches for the answer to a question that plagues her: “What am I if I’m not a good tennis player?”

Morgan hit out after the release of the trailer stating: “Great to see this very private media-fearful person submit herself to a documentary series about her private life for $$$$$$.”

You can check out the trailer below.