Philomena Cunk set to return to Netflix with new special
(Credits: Jonathan Browning / Netflix)

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Philomena Cunk set to return to Netflix with new special

Fans of Philomena Cunk can look forward to a “one-off extended special”, which will arrive on Netflix later this year.

The 75-minute “documentary”, Cunk’s Quest for Meaning, will see Cunk (Dianne Morgan) travelling Europe and America to explore the meaning of life by looking into the arts, philosophy and science.

Cunk will no doubt grapple with subjects like “quantum physics, existentialism, nihilism, and hedonism” with the usual deadpan delivery fans have come to love.

Morgan has played Cunk for over a decade, with the character first appearing in Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe. The latest instalment was Cunk on Earth, which landed on Netflix in early 2023 and quickly became a fan favourite.

“To be honest, I thought we could cover the meaning of life in a 30-minute episode, but the producers said we might need a bit longer and that I could probably go to America if we did a special,” Cunk said in a press release. “I’m very excited to be going to America for free.”

The special will first air on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer and on Netflix outside of the UK and Ireland later this year.

Jon Petrie, BBC Director of Comedy Commissioning, described Cunk as a “global phenomenon”, saying: “Diane Morgan and Charlie Brooker are the dream team, and I’m so glad they’ve teamed up again for more Cunk on the BBC.”