Paxton Whitehead, star of ‘Friends’, passes away aged 85
(Credit: Netflix)


Paxton Whitehead, star of 'Friends', passes away aged 85

Paxton Whitehead, one of the stars of the famous US sitcom Friends, has passed away at the age of 85. Whitehead had featured in a number of Broadway shows and also in many American sitcoms of the 1990s.

He passed away last Friday (June 16th) in a hospital in Arlington, Virginia. His son, Charles Whitehead, confirmed the sad news.

Whitehead, born in Kent, starred in a number of Broadway productions, including Camelot in 1980 opposite Richard Burton, My Fair Lady with Richard Chamberlain and The Importance of Being Earnest.

However, he will likely be best known for his role as the boss of Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green at the American department store Bloomingdales in Friends.

Whitehead had also made appearances in the TV shows FrasierCaroline in the CityEllen3rd Rock from the SunThe Drew Carey Show and Mad About You.  

In 2017, Whitehead discussed his favourite roles, admitting that they were often the silliest. “Everybody says [they] are difficult to do, but it depends. You either have a knack for it or you don’t,” he said (via The Daily Mail).

“I think it is hard for some people. I found it not so difficult,” he added. “I don’t know. I just seemed to respond to it. When I was younger, I would try very hard to get the vocal point right.”

The actor continued, “If I felt the rhythm and sound of the character — if I got that right, and usually the difference is very subtle — then I think everything else seemed to follow, the movement and so on.”