Paris Hilton reveals the inspiration behind new Netflix show ‘Cooking with Paris’
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Paris Hilton reveals the inspiration behind new Netflix show 'Cooking with Paris'

Paris Hilton will saunter into our miserable lives and sprinkle some spice with her new show Cooking With Paris on August 4, 2021. The Netflix series is based on her eponymous YouTube video and shall have six episodes that will provide an insight into the Hilton-esque way of dealing with a wide variety of food items, including cannoli, frittata, vegan McDonald’s fries and more. The series is set to feature hordes of celebrity guests, namely Kim Kardashian West, Saweetie, Demi Lovato among others. 

In a recent interview with Netflix, Hilton spilt some secrets about the show, her love for cooking as well as how she derived inspiration for the same. 

Hilton, whose earliest memories of cooking are admittedly that of her “sitting in the kitchen with [my] mom during and holidays and cooking with her,” has attributed her love for food and the innate creative streak within her to have motivated her to find her love for the same. 

When the world was under a complete lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, Hilton had posted a lasagna video on YouTube that went viral and shifted the spotlight from renowned chefs to that of Hilton.

“I didn’t take anything too seriously and I had no idea that it would take off like that. I started getting calls about putting together the show and the rest is history!” She has admitted that the show has helped her improve her skill set considerably and it had been “a lot of fun to learn all of these new skills, try new recipes and to bond with [my] friends.”

Although she has a lot of “important stories” she would like to tell, Hilton prioritises making people laugh and feel good. She shared her future plans of production wherein she would like to “produce shows that are going to be both serious and lighthearted because I think that duality is important to me and my fans and audiences that are going to watch”.

Stay tuned in for her show that will give us a closer insight into Pars Hilton’s more “authentic” self, given how guarded and tight-lipped she generally is!