‘Ozark’ actor Jason Bateman calls this Netflix film “garbage”
(Credit: Netflix)


‘Ozark’ actor Jason Bateman calls this Netflix film "garbage"

Jason Bateman is one of the most popular actors on Netflix, with the first volume of the fourth season of his crime drama, Ozark winning over fans with its much-anticipated arrival. Bateman has appeared in various films and television shows and donned the directorial hat and the producer’s garb on multiple occasions. 

Winner of a Golden Globe, an Emmy and two SAGs, with other awards and accolades, Bateman is definitely a force to reckon with who became a household name with his character of Michael Bluth in the 2003 American sitcom, Arrested Development

Currently, he is seen as Marty Byde in Ozark, a calculative and sweet-talking money launderer and the patriarch of the cunning Byrde family who finds themselves entangled in a criminal mess and drug cartel-related crimes. 

Bateman, despite his effortless acting skills, has taken up roles in his fair share of bad films and surely has his own set of regrets. He opened up to The Hollywood Reporter to discuss one part he regretted taking up the most, expressing his distaste for the film itself. 

Directed by Sean Anders, the 2014 film Horrible Bosses 2 starred Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day, Chris Pine and Jennifer Aniston, among others. 

As a sequel to Horrible Bosses, it saw the trio Nick Hendricks, Kurt Buckman, and Dale Arbus return yet again to start a company of their own after quitting their jobs. However, they get outplayed and outwitted by a sly investor and find no legal help of their own. 

The trio hatch a haplessly messy and uncoordinated plot to kidnap the investor’s adult son and ransom him to regain their control over the company. 

Calling the film “garbage” in terms of box office, he said, “Who knows whether it was on the merits or when they released it, but it did not do any money.”

The actor reportedly regretted reprising the role of Nick Hendricks and presumably considered it to be a blemish on his acting career. 

Watch Horrible Bosses 2 on Netflix today.