Opening scene from ‘Stranger Things’ season five revealed


Opening scene from ‘Stranger Things’ season five revealed

The opening scene from the fifth season of Netflix’s science fiction show Stranger Things has been revealed by the programme’s writers.

Work on the script for the fifth and final season of Stranger Things began in September, and now the Stranger Things writer’s room Twitter account has shared a snippet of the opening establishing moment of the first episode.

“DARKNESS. The sound of COLD WIND,” the script reads. “GROANING TREES. And… A CHILD’S VOICE. Singing a familiar song.”

The “familiar song” may be a track that was previously used in one of the fourth season episodes, such as Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ or Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’, or it might be something completely new.

Writing is now underway, and production could soon follow as the SAG-AFTRA strike has finally come to a close.

As for the future of Stranger Things, producer Shawn Levy recently suggested that there could be a move into a more cinematic style of storytelling.

He told Total Film in September, “There’s no way to be contiguous with season four, and not, frankly, expand scale and depth. It’s major, major, cinematic storytelling that happens to be called a TV series. Stranger Things 5 is as big as any of the biggest movies that we see.”