‘One Piece’ surpasses ‘Sex Education’ season four in Netflix ratings
(Credit: Netflix)


'One Piece' surpasses 'Sex Education' season four in Netflix ratings

Netflix’s live adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s manga, One Piece, has surpassed series four of Sex Education in terms of popularity, making it one of the platform’s most successful releases of 2023.

One Piece, created by Matt Owens and Steve Madea, made its way onto the streaming service on August 31st and quickly found itself renewed for a second season. 

The show follows the Straw Hat Pirates as they attempt to find ‘One Piece’, all while other crews of treasure-hunters are on their tail. Iñaki Godoy stars as Monkey D. Luffy, who needs to find the treasure to become ‘King of the Pirates’. 

A new update from Netflix has revealed the show’s impressive statistics, which show that within ten weeks on air, One Piece has been viewed a total of 475million hours.  

It is also yet to shift from the streamer’s most popular chart, which is a testament to its incredible popularity. It is also proving to be more successful than the long-awaited final season of Sex Education, which was released on September 21st.

While Sex Education was viewed for 312million hours within its first five weeks, One Piece racked up 430million hours. Thus, One Piece will likely be renewed for even more than a second series if its staggering popularity is anything to go by.

Watch the trailer for One Piece below.