‘One Piece’ cut Easter Eggs from the Gold Roger execution scene
(Credit: Netflix)


'One Piece' cut Easter Eggs from the Gold Roger execution scene

The live-action adaptation of One Piece on Netflix has been a hit since its global premiere earlier this summer.

While Netflix’s live-action One Piece managed to please existing fans of the original manga and anime series, it did have to leave out and re-arrange some of its storylines in order to make the most sense to the uninitiated.

Some of the scenes that ended up on the cutting room floor include Easter Eggs from the Gold Roger execution scene that opens the show on Netflix viewers. Roger, the former King of the Pirates, ushers in a new era of piracy moments before he hangs, declaring his greatest treasure, the One Piece, is out there, waiting to be found.

The fans are in for a treat as director Marc Jobst, whom we spoke to before the release of the live adaptation, has revealed that some of these clues may work their way in future seasons. 

In a recent interview with the YouTube channel naEKRANIEpl, Jobst shared insights into his work on the series. Jobst explained that, much like Oda’s manga, the team behind the Netflix series had plans for additional Easter Eggs to complement the unfolding narrative around the execution.

“We had more Easter Eggs,” Jobst revealed. “We shot a lot of stuff for those scenes, and it would be lovely if maybe in season two…because [One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda] quite often goes back to the execution of Gold Roger. So there’s quite a lot of material that we shot that we haven’t used, and it might be quite fun to use some of that kind of later on to build the bigger picture of Gold Roger’s execution.” 

Jobst did clarify that he doesn’t know yet what series creators Matt Owens and Steven Maeda have in store for us. “I don’t know what the showrunners have got in mind, but we had lots of other Easter Eggs that never got into the final cut.”

Though Gold Roger dies at the very start of the story, he played a pivotal part in the recent anime’s Wano Arc. In a significant flashback, viewers saw Roger’s encounter with Whitebeard, inviting Kozuki Oden to join his crew. As the manga heads toward its conclusion, the possibility of Roger making a return through another flashback wouldn’t be unexpected, and this might make its way into the series in later seasons. There is still plenty more to explore about the character who once ruled the Grand Line and beyond.