One of the most controversial horror films of the decade is now on Netflix
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One of the most controversial horror films of the decade is now on Netflix

Netflix has a wide variety of horror films to choose from. Horror aficionados surely have a gala time surfing through endless content on the site, trying to find films that appease their horror-loving selves. From Netflix Originals to classic horror films, the streaming giant has endless content to binge on this spooky season. 

However, one of the most controversial films of the decade recently arrived at the streaming giant and viewers can no longer keep calm about it. 

William Brent Bell’s 2012 horror flick The Devil Inside did not receive high scores upon its release. Although it performed well in its first week at the box office, ratings dropped considerably thereafter. Starring Fernanda Andrade, Simon Quarterman and Evan Helmuth among others, the film is a found-footage horror flick that is often a favourite among horror fans. 

The film sees a woman named Isabella undertake a daunting quest of finding out the truth behind her mother, Maria Rossi’s exorcism that led the latter to murder three people due to demonic possession. She goes to document the whole story and falls victim to the process as she is soon engulfed by a series of supernatural events that terrify her. 

The film is termed controversial due to the explicit scenes as well as the shockingly awful ratings they have received. While they tried hard to emulate The Exorcist in certain scenes, they apparently failed. The picture was also criticised due to its overall clickbaity titles and ending that led to viewers going back home to search for coherence on the Internet.

While some of the viewers criticised the ambiguous ending, the screenwriter Matthew Peterman defended their decision by saying that they chose the most “authentic” ending. “Sometimes real life doesn’t follow a perfect structure. Things aren’t always wrapped up and resolved when or how you’d like them to be,” said he.

“All of us enjoyed leaving things open-ended. We thought it was visceral, we thought it was unique.”

Despite the negative reception, the film was a commercial success and had an overall atmospheric horror that can only be experienced first-hand. Check out the film on Netflix and let us know what you think about it! 

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