‘Obsession’ star Richard Armitage denies James Bond rumours
(Credit: Netflix)


'Obsession' star Richard Armitage denies James Bond rumours

James Bond rumours have been circulating around The Stranger and The Hobbit star Richard Armitage. Now, the actor has addressed the speculation.

In an appearance on The One Show, Armitage was asked about the rumours that he might be in the running to play 007. “Have you sat down properly with Barbara Broccoli?”, host Alex Jones asked, to which Armitage responded, “Never.”

“Geriatric Bond. No,” the 52-year-old actor continued, “I guess there’s a rumour every week, it’s very, very nice but I’d be more likely to be a Bond villain at this point in my life. I’ll take that.”

Earlier this year, Armitage starred in Netflix’s erotic thriller miniseries, Obsession, but his most recent project has sees him delve into writing. His debut novel, the psychological thriller Geneva, will be published on Thursday, October 12th, 2023.

Adaptation rights for the book have already been picked up, as Armitage revealed, “Sony have optioned the book, so we are gonna be moving forward into a potential television series. If I pull my finger out, we should be doing that sometime in the next couple of years.”

James Bond rumours have also been circulating around Idris Elba for years, but earlier this year, the actor revealed that he had declined the opportunity.

Conversely, Oppenheimer director Christopher Nolan has suggested that he would be interested in directing a film about the spy.