‘No Hard Feelings’ starring Jennifer Lawrence is the most streamed Netflix movie in US
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‘No Hard Feelings’ starring Jennifer Lawrence is the most streamed Netflix movie in US

The raunchy Jennifer Lawrence sex comedy No Hard Feelings is the number-one movie that is currently streaming on Netflix in the US.

The 2023 film starring Lawrence has quickly climbed the Netflix streaming charts. The fact that the Hunger Games star appears in a nude fight scene at the beach might just have something to do with it. 

No Hard Feelings has garnered significant attention and has maintained its presence in the top ten in the US for two weeks, now securing the top spot. In the global top ten list of English-language films, it has also soared to the third spot with a remarkable 22.7million hours viewed last week alone.

Directed by Gene Stupnitsky and co-written with John Phillips, No Hard Feelings brings viewers an unconventional story with stupidly immature adults and a touch of raunchiness. The film introduces Jennifer Lawrence as Maddie, an energetic, free-spirited, and juvenile woman hired by a wealthy couple for an unusual mission: to romance their socially awkward teenage son, Percy (portrayed by Andrew Barth Feldman). It is just as cringeworthy and awkward as it sounds.

The film’s controversy stems from its premise, which some viewers found troubling. Critics expressed concerns that it promoted sexual grooming. However, the film’s defenders argued that it intentionally tackled an “icky” premise, highlighting the characters’ flaws and discomfort from their actions. Feldman told The Independent, “The film never condones the things that Jennifer’s character does or that my character’s parents do. This is a movie about flawed people, and it’s a cringe comedy. You’re meant to cringe! You’re meant to sit with those uncomfortable feelings.”

Despite its controversial nature, No Hard Feelings has found a substantial audience on Netflix after receiving generally positive reviews from critics and grossing $87 million at the box office.

You can check out the trailer of No Hard Feelings here before deciding to tune in on Netflix: