Niall Horan calls Lewis Capaldi “liar” after Netflix doc claim
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Niall Horan calls Lewis Capaldi “liar” after Netflix doc claim

Former One Director star Niall Horan has said that his fellow popstar friend Lewis Capaldi is a “liar” because of a claim Capaldi made in a Netflix documentary exploring his poor mental health and the eventual discovery he made that he had been suffering from Tourette’s syndrome for many years.

The documentary How I’m Feeling Now sees Capaldi struggle with depression whilst trying to make a follow up to his wildly successful debut album Divinely Inspired to a Hellish Extent. The reason Horan is upset by the documentary has to do with Capaldi not doing his own laundry, as purported in the doc.

“He doesn’t do his own laundry. I spoke to his mother the other night. He’s a liar,” Horan told Scott Mills (via The Mirror). “He might have done it for the cameras. I swear to God, Carol [Lewis’ mother], I said to his mother the other day: ‘Does Lewis come into the house often or are you often at his flat in Glasgow?’ She says, ‘Yes, if he hands me the laundry.’”

Capaldi said of the impact of the documentary, “I didn’t realise how much my anxiety and Tourette’s was taking over my life until I watched [the footage] back. When I saw the first draft, it was so depressing, I was surprised I didn’t die at the end, I mean, there’s always the sequel.”