New trailer for Netflix’s ‘Ballerina’ starring Jeon Jong-seo
(Credit: Netflix)

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New trailer for Netflix’s ‘Ballerina’ starring Jeon Jong-seo

Netflix have now released the official trailer for the upcoming thriller movie from South Korea Ballerina, which stars the actor Jeon Jong-seo, formerly of Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area notoriety.

Ballerina will focus on Jeon’s character, a former bodyguard, Ok-ju, who begins a journey of ruthless revenge to find and take care of Choi Pro, the person who killed her close friend, the ballerina Min-hee.

Money Heist: Korea’s Kim Ji-hoon will play Choi while Park Yu-rim, best known for her role in Miraculous Brothers, will play the ballerina best friend. Check out the trailer for the upcoming film at the bottom of this page.

The trailer begins with Ok-ju discussing Min-hee, noting, “You know my friend? The one who does ballet? She died.” A parcel then arrives from Min-hee, in which the ballerina requests that Ok-ju avenge her death.

Clips of Choi are shown in which he works out while the voiceover of Ok-ju says, “There’s something I need to do.” She cocks a gun and coolly states, “Something like hunting.”

The film will be directed by Lee Chung-hyun of The Call and will arrive on Neflix on October 6th, just a day after making its international debut at the Busan Film Festival in South Korea.

Watch the trailer for Ballerina below.