New Tom Felton film ‘The Forgotten Battle’ has topped the Netflix charts
(Credit: Netflix)


New Tom Felton film 'The Forgotten Battle' has topped the Netflix charts

A new Tom Felton Netflix film has topped the charts and the actor has been thanking fans for their support. 

Felton’s claim to fame had been his role as the provocative, villainous silver-haired Slytherin rich kid Draco Malfoy who was Harry potter’s arch-nemesis in the Harry Potter series. A misunderstood character, Draco’s family was on the dark side and fed him constant lies about the wizarding world that made him appear despicable till the very end.

After playing Malfoy, Felton was caught up in a variety of things. Recently, his newest flick has topped Netflix charts much to his own surprise. The 2020 Dutch war epic The Forgotten Battle battled various heavyweights like Jake Gyllenhaal-starring Netflix original The Guilty and James Cameron’s historical epic film Titanic to secure the top spot. 

Directed by Matthis van Heijningen, the film revolves around the Battle of Scheldt that took place during the Second World War. The film stars Jamie Flatters as a British pilot alongside Tom Felton. The cast also includes Marinus van Staveren and Teuntje Visser as a Dutch soldier and a Zeeland rebel respectively. 

Felton was seen as Laertes in Ophelia and as Doctor Alchemy on The Flash but this film is his greatest success since his Harry Potter days. 

He will be seen in quite a few upcoming projects that include Sara Sugarman’s 2022 film Save the Cinema, also starring Samantha Morton and Jonathan Pryce, as well as the Abigail Breslin and Val Kilmer-starring film, Canyon Del Muerto, directed by Coerte Voorhees. 

Stream The Forgotten Battle on Netflix now after checking out the trailer below.