New Netflix social channel celebrates pan-Asian stories
(Credit: Cameron Venti)

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New Netflix social channel celebrates pan-Asian stories

Netflix launched a new social media channel titled Netflix Golden to celebrate and appreciate the pan-Asian diaspora on Tuesday, January 27th, 2022. 

In their introductory video, produced by Shruti Ganguly, the channel features extraordinarily talented and famous stars of Asian descent, including Freida Pinto, Tan France, John Cho and Ken Jeong. 

In the clip, the stars talk about the diversity that exists within the pan-Asian diaspora and refer to themselves as “billions of people from dozens of countries with hundreds of languages and probably a trillion different ways to ferment vegetables.” They talk about the various Asian traits and make it hilarious and enticing.

In addition to their other variety of demographic-focused channels, namely Netflix Is a Joke, Strong Black Lead and Most, the streamer has now launched this channel with individual YoutTube, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok channels to feature Asian content. 

The first episode will debut today, on January 27th, 2022, and will feature Ashley Park from Emily in Paris. The channel will also feature Netflix’s existing interview show by Philip Wang, Spill The Boba Tea

With the unimaginable success of Hwang Dong-hyuk’s Squid Game and Yeon Sang-ho’s Hellbound, the global market seemed to be more lucrative for the streamer to invest in more Asian content. Besides ordering more than 20 South Korean titles this year, the streamer is finally putting more emphasis on Asian content. 

Talking about the choice of name, the streamer has emphasised how “real gold will always shine”, and it is finally time to give Asian artistry, talent and stories the platform they have long deserved.

However, Twitteratis have questioned the exclusion of Filipinos. Netflix is yet to comment on that.