New Netflix show has gained a 100% critic score
(Credits: Netflix)


New Netflix show has gained a 100% critic score

Critical acclaim isn’t the only worthwhile barometer of whether or not a TV series or movie is worth checking out, but being the recipient of unanimous praise is nonetheless a good way of convincing those on the fence to check out the project in question, which bodes well for a new Netflix addition.

Since premiering on April 11th, dramatic thriller Baby Reindeer has become one of the most talked-about shows on streaming, with Richard Gadd adapting his one-man stage production into a seven-episode limited series, with the expanded format allowing the creator, star, and executive producer to dig even deeper into a narrative ripped straight from real life.

Chillingly autobiographical, Gadd ended up becoming the target of a stalker he referred to as ‘Martha’, which quickly snowballed into outright harassment. They first crossed paths in a London pub, where he did what he thought was an innocuously nice thing and bought her a cup of tea.

From there, though, ‘Martha’ became increasingly obsessed with Gadd and began bombarding him with gifts, messages, and in-person appearances both in the crowd at his performances and his home. This went on for a number of years, with the writer, actors, and comedian deciding the best way to process his lingering trauma was to transform his experience into first Baby Reindeer the stage show, and subsequently the Netflix series.

It’s an uncomfortable thing to watch through the lens of a partially fictionalised TV series hailing from the biggest streamer in the business, something made exponentially more uncomfortable knowing that Gadd isn’t exactly deviating too far from the truth throughout the seven episodes of Baby Reindeer.

Although ‘Martha’ is currently prohibited from contacting Gadd in any way, shape, or form after legal action was taken, Netflix subscribers are being plunged into the immersive recreation of the events and have been left blown away. In fact, Baby Reindeer has yet to receive a negative review, with the harrowing tale currently boasting a perfect 100% critical score on Rotten Tomatoes.

It sounds oxymoronic given the content, but it’s been a labour of love bringing the series to the small screen, with Netflix first announcing Baby Reindeer for the episodic treatment in December 2020, with production beginning in August 2022 and concluding in March of the following year. Fast forward 12 months, and Gadd is the creator of a unanimously praised semi-autobiographical drama that’s poised to become one of the platform’s biggest hits of the year so far.