New Netflix feature will automatically download shows you like
(Credit: Netflix)

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New Netflix feature will automatically download shows you like

A brand new feature is being lined up for your Netflix account that will see the shows you like automatically downloaded for later consumption. It’s another step forward from the platform to improve its offline content.

The new feature will only be for mobile and will also require the user to opt-in but we’re pretty sure there will be a lot of takers on this one. Downloads For You has already launched globally for Android users.

Of course, there will be some requirements for the feature to work unhinged. Not only will you have to opt in to the feature but you’ll also have to allocate the amount of space you wish to give over to Netflix — 1GB, 3GB, or 5GB.

Naturally, the more space you offer to Netflix on the feature the more they’ll use. Simply put. more space means more Netflix recommendations being automatically downloaded to your phone.

TechCrunch has reported that while all of Netflix’s shows and films will be available for download, it won’t be their full catalogue. Some titles on the platform will be restricted based on the licensing agreement they hold with Netflix.

It’s another of a long line of improvements on Netflix’s offline offering. In 2018, Netflix launched Smart Downloads which automatically deleted episodes once they had been watched. A new iOS version of Downloads For You is under testing and looks like it will become a useful tool for the platform.