New ‘A Killer Paradox’ teaser shows Choi Woo-shik and Son Suk-ku face-off
(Credit: Netflix)

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New 'A Killer Paradox' teaser shows Choi Woo-shik and Son Suk-ku face-off

Netflix has just released a new trailer for their upcoming thriller A Killer Paradox. It will star Choi Woo-shik and Son Suk-ku, who are seen having a face-off in the new teaser. 

Whilst the plot is still relatively unknown, some details have come to light. Based on a webtoon of the same name, A Killer Paradox will follow a regular university student whose life is completely changed when he turns into a serial killer. The thriller is the story of him, his murderous rampage, and the detective, Jang Nan-gam, who tries to hunt him down. 

Lee Tang will be played by Choi Woo-Shik, known for his roles in Parasite and Our Beloved Summer. Jang Nan-gam will be played by Son Suk-Ku, a recognisable face thanks to his roles in Big Bet and D.P. Also in the cast is Lee Hee-jun, who will be playing an ex-detective helping Nan-gam on his serial killer hunt. 

A Killer Paradox is directed by Lee Chang-hee, famous for his work on Strangers From Hell and The Vanished. He will be working to bring the words of screenwriter Kim Da-min to life. 

A trailer was released on 11th January, which is only a short teaser but gives us enough of a look at the thriller to understand the tone. It opens up with the mundane scenes of Lee Tang going through the motions of his everyday life before a chance encounter with a violent stranger awakens something. 

We also see the detective Jang Nan-gam assigned to the case and get glimpses into the game of cat and mouse, which follows. 

Check out the full trailer below.