Netflix’s ‘Schitt’s Creek’ fan-favourite Stevie talks about a potential reunion
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Netflix’s 'Schitt’s Creek' fan-favourite Stevie talks about a potential reunion

Canadian family sitcom Schitt’s Creek garnered a massive amount of fan following with their humorous and relatable content, eccentric characters and wonderful setting. Netflix aired its final season, which had a historic award sweep at the Emmys and ever since, fans have always hankered for a reunion. 

One of the fan’s favourite characters, Stevie, played by actress Emily Hampshire, recently spoke of the reunion rumours in an interview with She said that while fans should not expect another season with the cast uniting as the original characters, there would surely be a reunion at some point.  

Hampshire, who will next be seen in the Stephen King-adapted horror series Chapelwaite on August 22nd on Epix, recently spoke about the reunion rumours. She reasoned them working together again by saying, “They haven’t taken my plaids out of the closet, they’re still there, and there’s definitely … We are going to work together again.”

“There’s definitely never gonna be another show, we’re never gonna do this show again, but I’m sure, and I’m not saying for sure this is happening, I’m sure because I know and love these people that we’re gonna do something like that, get together and do some movie or something,” she added. 

It was created by the dynamic father-son duo Eugene and Dan Levy, the show originally aired on CBC in 2015 before being taken over by Netflix. Starring Catherine O’Hara and Annie Murphy in the lead roles besides the two Levys, the show has an interesting set of quirky, funny, layered characters that add individual flavour and twist to the show. The final season of Schitt’s Creek won all the seven categories it was nominated for at the Emmys, making history in the process. 

Besides fans going gaga over the show’s impact on their lives, Hampshire credited the show for having changed her life as well. 

Hampshire joked, “It’s changed my life, and not in a way that most series, it changes your life in a monetary way. It definitely didn’t do that. We shot in Canada, we made Canadian dollars”. 

She spoke of how it changed her life “in the same way, I think, of people’s lives who fell in love with this show in that it was this kind comedy”. 

She went on to add how the show “has this huge heart, that doesn’t sacrifice its humour at all for it. It’s really funny, but it also, leave it feeling like you love these characters, and they love each other, and they’re good to each other. I know that springs from the top.”

The show received a lot of positive attention for the diverse characters and represented the LGBTQ+ community well via their pansexual protagonist David and his boyfriend-turned-husband Patrick’s beautiful romance. Dan Levy, openly gay, played the role of David and won the hearts of fans all across the globe. 

Hampshire said, “From the beginning, Dan had a mandate that there will be no homophobia in Schitt’s Creek, and the town will never be the butt of the joke, or the townspeople”. 

It was honestly a refreshing change for viewers to be a part of a community that was devoid of internalized homophobia, racism or classism or crass humour.

We agree with Hampshire when she says that the showrunners created a “safe” haven that “people want to go live in for half an hour.”