Netflix’s ‘Rescued by Ruby’ K-9 euthanised due to “untreatable” illness


Netflix’s ‘Rescued by Ruby’ K-9 euthanised due to “untreatable” illness

Netflix’s recent popular release Rescued by Ruby touched a chord with fans who were moved by an inspiring story of a Rhode Island dog who went from being abandoned at a shelter to a lifesaving K-9 at the police. However, the real-life K-9 dog, Ruby has now been euthanised due to “sudden, acute and untreatable illness” at the age of 11. 

Col. Danell Weaver, the superintendent of the state police grieved Ruby’s death and reminisced her years of loyal service. 

In his statement, he talked about how “K-9 Ruby dedicated her life to serve the citizens of Rhode Island and make a positive impact on every person she ever interacted with.”

According to Weaver, Ruby “became a symbol of hope for all shelter dogs, showing the world what a shelter dog can do when just given love and the chance to shine.”

A border collie and Australian shepherd mix, Ruby was one of the first-ever shelter dogs to have been trained by the state police. She made plenty of public appearances throughout her career and partook in several search-and-rescue missions. She became particularly famous after locating an injured teenage boy in the woods in 2017; the boy was the son of one of the animal shelter volunteers who fought against her euthanisation back in the day.

Ruby was called a “knucklehead” whose highly-energetic and rambunctious ways compelled five families to return the pup back to the shelter before being adopted as an eight-month-old pup in 2011 by Corpolar Daniel O’Neil.  

She went on to receive numerous accolades, being named the Search and Rescue Dog of the Year by the American Humane Hero Dog organisation. She also inspired the 2022 Netflix release Rescued by Ruby, which topped the global charts a few times ever since its release. 

A good and kind-hearted dog, Ruby was also notorious for her mischievous ways, which also set her apart from other disciplined K-9s, giving her a unique feature. 

Weaver’s statement honoured the dog, saying, “She had a full, happy, and wonderful life, not only as a trooper, but as part of a loving family. She worked right until the end and never gave up doing what she loved most — making people smile.” Handled by O’Neil, she served the state police for 11 years.

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