Netflix’s ‘Dash and Lily’ axed after season one
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Netflix’s 'Dash and Lily' axed after season one

Netflix has cancelled yet another original series after its first season, released in 2020 by the name of Dash and Lily, a romantic comedy series that hit the streaming giant during the holiday season. 

Directed by Joe Tracz, Dash and Lily is a quintessential Christmas series based on David Levithan and Rachel Cohn’s book. 

The series focuses on the budding love between a Christmas-hating, cynical Dahs and a merry and optimistic, Christmas-loving Lily, who hides the red notebook across various locations in New York City. The notebook contains messages and dares.

With numerous Christmas tropes, it was a visual treat to the eyes. Austin Abrams and Midori Francis did justice to their peppy, teenage roles. Devoid of sappy rom-com elements, it is a surprise to see the show not make a return for season two. 

Producer Shawn Levy worked on another show called I Am Not Okay With This whose second season was cancelled due to the pandemic. Over the summer of this year, Levy had expressed his doubts regarding the renewal of Dash & Lily as well.

The show avoided popularity despite such a promising premise and struggled to find a huge fanbase. Talking about such a harsh decision, Levy said, “It’s a reminder that sometimes you can make something really good and do your job right and still have no control over viewership or box office and outcome”.

Levy spoke of how they were satisfied with the show but unfortunately, it did not strike a chord with the audience. “We made the show we wanted. Not enough people watched and it is a cruel metric in the age of the streaming wars,” said he. 

“And sometimes, if you don’t get the eyeballs, you don’t get to make more of the thing. That’s what happened there.”

Check out the trailer of season one below: