Netflix with advertisements could slash costs by nearly half
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Netflix with advertisements could slash costs by nearly half

Escaping the plight of Netflix is something we’re sure all of the streaming platform’s partners wish they could do. With the proliferation of the Netflix model now reaching critical mass, the need for Netflix to diversify and sustain itself while they do so is impossible to ignore.

The group has decided to battle the two fronts at once, employing a new team to encourage editorial content and introducing new gaming features, alongside the proposed idea of adding advertisements to your Netflix account, with promises of cheaper rates. But how cheap will it really be?

With subscribers leaving the service, Netflix is hoping that by bringing in ads, it can reduce the cost of its most popular package and offer an enticing opportunity to would-be subscribers. But are annoying ads really a good way to get more love from its audience?

According to Netflix, the ads will only be shown before and during some shows but never after the programmes finish. Netflix are currently working to put together a cost-effective plan, but many suggest the most popular plan on Netflix, at around $15.50, could be cut down to $7, reducing the cost by over half.

There aren’t many concrete facts around right now, but a couple of things we do know are: Microsoft will handle all of the advertising, having announced a partnership of the same kind in July. Also, the ad-based service could see Netflix generate $8.5 billion each year within five years.

The good news for Netflix is that its main rivals, Disney, Hulu and more, have all suggested they too will move to an ad-based service in the near future.