Netflix unveils trailer for ‘Ragnarok’ season 3
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix unveils trailer for 'Ragnarok' season 3

The popular live-action series, Ragnarok, is making a triumphant return to Netflix for its third and final season. 

On Thursday, the streaming giant unveiled the trailer for the upcoming episodes, giving fans a glimpse into the riveting conclusion of the story of Magne Seier, played by David Stakston, as he navigates his destiny as the reincarnation of Thor.

Series creator Adam Price reflected on the show’s resonance with modern viewers in a previous Netflix interview. He said, “There are a lot of people today, not least of all young people, who think the world is big and scary, and on the brink of an apocalypse.” 

He revealed his belief in the power of stories to inspire, especially in troubling times, adding, “So, I figured that people in this world need something to put their faith in…there is need for a tale of a hero. And in our little town of Edda, there’s a hero who comes along.”

The series follows Magne as he grapples with the enormous responsibility of being the chosen one, wrapped up in an everlasting battle with Ice Giants and destined to protect the world from ancient evil forces.

Alongside these cosmic struggles, he also faces the universal trials and tribulations of being a teenager in love – perhaps the most difficult challenge of them all.

For all awaiting the explosive conclusion to this epic Norse saga, the third season of Ragnarok will premiere exclusively on Netflix on August 24th.