Netflix unveils hordes of new local German-language content
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix unveils hordes of new local German-language content

Netflix reached its subscription peak in the US and the UK and has faced unbridled competition from other streaming services like Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu and more.

To stay ahead of its competitors, the streamer has decided to expand its global reach and invest more in local, foreign-language content, to attract a wider viewership, namely European, African and Asian content. The streamer has unveiled a series of new German-language local content from various regions, including Germany, Switzerland and Austria. 

These projects are an integral part of “Netflix’s push into local content”. The streamer has nearly doubled its investments to 500million euros to produce the local original content. 

Hosted by actress Hadnet Tesfai, the newly unveiled slate at the “Netflix Content Remote Show’ announced nine series, five films and five other non-fiction programmes. 

A lot of these shows will be focusing on murder mysteries. Among the various German-language shows, Achstam Morden (Killing Mindfully), based on Karsten Dusse’s best-selling novel, seems to be one of the leading titles. 

Other titles include  Kleo, Liebes Kind (Dear Child), Totenfrau, King of Stonks, The Empress, Barbarians etc. The co-creators of Dark, aka Baran bo Odar and Janje Friese, too, announced the arrival of their upcoming mystery-horror series 1899 in 2022. 

New film projects will include Faraway, Paradise, Blood and Gold, All Quiet on the Western Front and Buba

Queer Eye Germany is going to be an integral part of the non-fiction programmes, according to Inga Leschek, the director of non-fiction content in German-language on Netflix. She has also mentioned the arrival of a show with a reality TV format, besides various experimental projects with true-crime programmes that have been fairly successful on the streamer. 

According to the new Vice President of local content in German-language at Netflix, Katja Hofem, “When it comes to story development, our top priorities are strong and local stories with authentic characters, produced to the highest quality.”