Netflix’s ‘Too Hot To Handle’ returns for season two
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix’s ‘Too Hot To Handle’ returns for season two

Just when you thought that reality TV producers were running out of ideas, they plunge their hands into the barrel once more and come up with a show whereby contestants give out erotic massages, have drunken parties and generally frolic about in a state of undress, but hooking up is forbidden. The new purely platonic twist on Love IslandToo Hot To Handle, is now set to return for season two. 

The episodes for season two have been split into two separate chunks with the first instalment set to land on the streaming platform by June 23rd and the second load due to arrive on June 30th. This time the frigid cavorting is set in Turks and Caicos.

The supposed goal of the show is to build lasting emotional connections over fleeting physical ones, and if the group of ten single contestants achieve such a feat, they rewarded with their share of $100,000. However, if they succumb to a bit of horseplay, they are fined and see the prize money dwindle. 

Last season, the contestants managed to take home $7500 each and a burgeoning bout of sexual frustration. Fans will be hoping for more of the same this time around, and they will also be relieved to hear that cone-shaped robot that inexplicably hosts the show, will make a return. 

Back in April 2020, season one managed to briefly top the streaming platforms most-watched list. Netflix will be hoping the beautiful scenery, attractive people and contestants apologising to a robot for heavy petting, manages to be as big a hit. 

You can catch the trailer for season two below.