Netflix to introduce another Dave Chappelle show amidst controversy
(Credit: Netflix / Mathieu Bitton)

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Netflix to introduce another Dave Chappelle show amidst controversy

David Chappelle is the king of controversy right now after making a lot of anti-trans comments in his Netflix special The Closer and triggering a massive employee walkout. Milking this controversy, Netflix has decided to capitalise on it by introducing another one of his shows soon. 

Dave Chappelle’s Block Party will premiere on the streamer on the 1st of November. 

Originally introduced in 2005, the documentary was released right before Chappelle walked away from a $50 million deal to continue appearing on his famous TV show Chappelle’s Show. Following the same controversy, people began watching the documentary. 

Made on a budget of only $3 million, the documentary became an immense success with a monumental budget of $12.1 million.

In between the performances of The Roots, Kanye West, Talib Kweli and Mos Def, Chappelle delivered quintessential monologues and performed sketches that are a characteristic of his humour specials. 

In the wake of Chappelle’s disgraceful comments that have had the entire Internet divided, the streamer’s intelligent decision to introduce this documentary seems deliberate. 

Take a look at the trailer below: