Netflix to green light multiple Australian projects
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Netflix to green light multiple Australian projects

Netflix has given the go-ahead to several new projects, including Desert King, an epic tale that unfolds in the vast Australian Outback. This narrative involves billionaire miners, indigenous owners, cowboys, and desert criminals all battling for control of a massive cattle station.

The creators behind the series, Tim Lee and Ben Davies, commented on the show’s potential. “We’re thrilled to have assembled an incredible creative team, on and off screen, to do justice to the rarely-seen world, characters and stories of the Top End.”

They explained how Top End will be “a place where timeless meets modern, and where the landscape is life and livelihood, but also mortal danger.” Davies and Gibson will also serve as executive producers alongside Ian Collie.

Another noteworthy series is The Survivors, which is an adaptation of a crime-mystery novel by the acclaimed Australian author Jane Harper. Set against the backdrop of a coastal Tasmanian town, the plot delves into the profound effects of unresolved grief, brought back into focus by a recent murder.

Additionally, Netflix will stream the documentary feature ONEFOUR: Against All Odds. Directed by Gabriel Gasparinatos, this piece examines Australia’s intriguing world of drill rap. Gasparinatos offered a perspective on the significance of the documentary.

“The story of ONEFOUR is one of the most significant cultural moments in recent Australian history,” he said. “It’s about the changing face of this country and who gets to have a voice in it. Australia markets this sun-kissed image of itself, and it’s so important to show it’s not all like that.”

These upcoming projects highlight Netflix’s continuing commitment to regional productions in Australia and New Zealand, which has seen an array of original content, including the popular 2020 drama Stateless and upcoming Australian remakes of foreign shows.