Netflix may continue ‘The Crown’ over several movies
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Netflix may continue ‘The Crown’ over several movies

Season six of the endlessly popular Netflix series The Crown is allegedly in the closing stages of filming. While the highly anticipated instalment is scheduled to be the last, Netflix has suggested that the beloved saga might continue over a series of movies following its sixth season. 

In a recent interview with The Sun, an unnamed “TV insider” revealed that a branch of movies related to The Crown could be on the horizon. A similar end successfully befell the Downton Abbey series in the late 2010s.

“Although this sounds like a drastic change, it’s one that proved a huge success for Downton Abbey, which ran for 52 episodes before continuing as two hit films,” the source said. “Creating a movie, or perhaps a series of specials, means creators would have so much more flexibility to jump in terms of time and topics. 

“They could deliver a prequel, perhaps focusing on the abdication crisis in the 1930s. Down the line, there’s the option to revisit the 21st-century royals, perhaps focusing on Harry meeting Meghan and his fallout with William.”

As fans are well aware, season six will cover the monumentally tragic death of Princess Diana. The season will finish with then-Prince Charles’ remarriage to Camilla Parker Bowles. The early rumblings of romance betwixt Prince William and Kate Middleton will also be covered. 

So, it appears we may have to wait a little longer for confirmations regarding the future of The Crown. Shortly following The Sun’s report, Radio Times stated that “there are currently no concrete plans in place regarding any future spin-offs.”

See the trailer for season five of The Crown below.