Netflix reveals details for forthcoming ‘Thai Cave Rescue’ series
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Netflix reveals details for forthcoming ‘Thai Cave Rescue’ series

Netflix has revealed the details for a forthcoming mini-series focussing on the 2018 news story when a group of boys became trapped in a cave system in need of rescue. 

The story hit the headlines after 12 young Thai footballers and their coach at Wild Boars FC became trapped, and services and experts had to race against the clock to try and rescue them before it was too late. 

The harrowing reality then took a dramatic turn after Elon Musk became controversially involved after he made unfounded accusations against one of the key rescuers present.

Thus, there is plenty for this project to get its teeth into, and with several other outings looking to capture the story, the main aim for Netflix’s depiction is to offer up the most authenticity and accuracy. 

With that in mind, the streaming giant has enlisted the services of renowned modern Thai director Baz Poonpiriya and Thai-American director Kevin Tancharoen. These two talents have worked alongside creators Michael Russell Gunn and Dana Ledoux Miller on the project. 

The project has been in the making ever since Netflix and SK Global Entertainment came together to beat off fierce competition and acquire the rights to the story back in 2019. 

In a promotional statement, Poonpiriya said: “Thai Cave Rescue is the first opportunity for audiences worldwide to see the Tham Luang story in a new and more emotional light — centering the perspectives of the 12 Wild Boars, Coach Eak, and heroes like Saman ‘Ja Sam’ Gunan, whose lives beyond the operation remain largely outside the public spotlight.”

Adding: “I am very proud to have this opportunity to tell the stories behind the faces and names we have come to know well over the course of this world-famous rescue operation.”

While Gunn continued: “For us, Thai Cave Rescue is ultimately a story about family and what we decide family should be. From the boys’ own parents and guardians to thousands of local and international rescuers joining the mission, this was the entire world coming together as one big family.”

Adding: “We intended for the show to cover not just the rescue operation but also what the Wild Boars went through inside the cave, and we believe our focus on achieving authenticity – from characters and languages to locations and emotions – will shine through and make an impact on viewers worldwide through Netflix.”

The six-part mini-series will be available to stream from September 22nd. A trailer is expected in the coming weeks.