Netflix’s ‘Sweet Magnolias’ star reveals details about season 2
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Netflix’s ‘Sweet Magnolias’ star reveals details about season 2

The second season for Netflix’s Sweet Magnolias has been filmed adhering to Covid-19 protocols, which means that the second season will arrive soon and take fans to visit Serenity, South Carolina, yet again. While fans await news regarding the same, star Joanna Garcia Swisher has some interesting news. 

Based on Sheryl Woods’ book with plenty of divergences, the first season concluded with Garcia Swisher’s character, Maddie’s son, Kyle (Logan Allen), being a car crash victim. However, the other passenger’s names were not revealed. 

Garcia Swisher has promised neverending intense drama in the second season as well. Describing the second season as “pedal to the metal” that is a “wild ride”, she said, “No joke, season 2, yes, there are some incredible lighthearted, beautiful moments and love stories and great blessings, but it’s a lot. It’s juicy. It was fun to do.”

About the book, she said, “I read now other books that are from the greater library,” she said. “I’ve really just been on the journey of our journey of Sweet Magnolias and inspired by Sheryl Woods’ incredible world that she created for us. I’ve enjoyed it. I really have.”

“This is one of those jobs that I’m working with really good people, kind, kind wonderful people. The twinkle and the magic of Serenity really bleeds into our work environment. It’s been an incredible, enormous gift.”

They finished filming a month back in Atlanta, Georgia. Garcia Swisher also revealed how different and good it felt to be back to the sets with the cast and the crew and also expressed her gratitude towards the COVID team, saying it was “unbelievable” to see how their endeavours accomplished the running of the shooting smoothly. 

“Thankfully, I don’t have to knock on wood because we made it through unscathed. I was so grateful for that,” said she. 

She further added, “That is a job of all jobs, but everybody was, I think, just so happy to be there. Our crew, though, we had very rigorous testing and obviously, everybody was aware in production, and so you really limit the kind of social activities that you do when you’re not working and really hunker down for those months because it’s so important.”

“Once you get there, you really start to take care of each other. You create a community.”

She also mentioned how the situation kept changing in the new normal and how efficient Netflix and the crew were in adapting to the situation. 

“Netflix was, not surprisingly, the first out there ready to get back to work and get people back to work but do it safely. They created this incredible team of people and unbelievable resources,” said Garcia Swisher.  

“It was right around the time it started while the vaccination was rolling out. So we had just people to ask as many questions too, and they were able to; when we were all able to get the vaccine, they were there to support us through all of that. So just getting us back in the saddle was such a blessing, so anything we have to do to do that was really exciting.”

She concluded by saying, “Yeah, a lot of masks, a lot of shields, a lot of tests, hunkering down and getting through it but for such a good reason.”