Meet the cast of Netflix’s next big sensation ‘Sky Rojo’
(Credit: Tamara Arranz / Netflix)

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Meet the cast of Netflix's next big sensation 'Sky Rojo'

Sky Rojo, the eagerly anticipated new TV series from Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato, creators of Money Heist, will be released worldwide on March 19th.

According to Netflix, the series tells the story of Coral, Wendy and Gina, who are on the run from Moisés and Christian, henchmen of Romeo, pimp and owner of Club Las Novias. Together, the women embark on a frenetic race during which they will have to face many dangers. Their only plan: to stay alive for five more minutes.

“Sky Rojo is the story of an escape by three women… but it’s also the story of the women themselves: three victims of human trafficking who break free from the web they’re trapped in,” say Sky Rojo creators Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato. “It’s about their dreams, the hell that they’ve been through, the friendship that they have forged, the solidarity that brings them together and the enormous energy that keeps them alive.”

Here, with some content gifted to us by Netflix, we’re introduced to the characters who bring this series to life with plenty of action, dark humour and pure adrenaline.

CORAL (Verónica Sánchez) 

“Coral is intelligent, elegant and well educated. She enters Club Las Novias of her own free will, needing a place to lay low and knowing that she won’t be found there.

“It’s that same self-destructive streak that leads her to pop pills of every description when she needs to disconnect from the world and its reality. She’s the favourite of Romeo, who sees something special in her. Her analytical mind tries to rationalize every situation, weighing the pros and cons.”

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ROMEO (Asier Etxeandia) 

“Romeo is a pimp and the owner of Club Las Novias, one of Tenerife’s best-known brothels. He’s also the head of a network that traffics women for sexual exploitation. Wry, smart and entirely lacking a moral compass, he believes his business is justified and sees himself as a great artist.

“He relies on the unconditional aid of his henchmen, Moisés and Christian, whom he considers part of his family.”

(Credit: Netflix)

MOISÉS (Miguel Ángel Silvestre) 

“Moisés is Romeo’s right hand, managing Club Las Novias while also acting as a middleman in the recruitment of girls from abroad. He’s a criminal who isn’t moved by money, but rather by absolute loyalty to Romeo.

“Second thoughts about his chosen life constantly torment him, but he tries to push them aside and just follow orders.”

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WENDY (Lali Espósito) 

“Wendy is impetuous, strong-willed and defiant. When she arrives at Club Las Novias, she knows that she’ll be entering the world of prostitution, but not that she is voluntarily walking into her own kidnapping.

“In her attempt to escape poverty, she dreams of being able to settle down with her partner and having an economically secure life. She is a strong woman who only has time for action, a fearless spirit who tries to infect others with her courage. A force of nature, she trusts no one.”

(Credit: Netflix)

GINA (Yany Prado) 

“Gina is naïve and sweet. She believes in the goodness of people above all else. In Cuba, she is recruited by Moisés and tricked into believing that she will be working as a waitress.

“She desperately tries to escape, but a mountain of debt and threats, not to mention Romeo keeping her passport from her, make getting her life back a nearly unattainable dream. She never loses hope that things can get better and is the pillar that unites the girls.”

(Credit: Netflix)

CHRISTIAN (Enric Auquer) 

“Christian is impulsive and aggressive, a ticking time bomb. He is Moisés’ little brother, though he lacks any of his older sibling’s moral misgivings, not to mention any independent thoughts or ambitions. In a matter of milliseconds, he can go from calm to a murderous rage.

“He always needs to measure up to his brother and to feel wanted and valued. He’s been addicted to everything at one point or another, and the only person he seems to care about is his mother.”

(Credit: Netflix)