Netflix adds Sharlto Copley to ‘Russian Doll’ Season 2
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Netflix adds Sharlto Copley to ‘Russian Doll’ Season 2

Sharlto Copley, best known for his acclaimed lead role in District 9, has become the latest big-name actor to join the award-winning Groundhog Day-esque dramedy for its second season.

Previously it has been announced that Schitt’s Creek’s award-winning star Annie Murphy had signed on for the Netflix show alongside fellow newcomer Carolyn Michelle Smith for what promises to be an exciting follow-up to the cult hit first season.

It is also promising for fans that it would appear the show has now entered production and filming is currently underway, according to Deadline. However, details relating to plot developments and which roles that the latest stars added to will take on are under wraps.

In Russian Doll, Copley will star alongside rising star Nadia Vulvokov, who plays a cynical lead who continually goes through a dark endlessly repeating narrative of perpetually dying and returning to the party being thrown in her honour.

Copley is also currently working on a forthcoming biopic of the infamous American anti-technology terrorist the Unabomber as he stars as Ted Kaczynski in the Tony Stone-directed picture Ted K.

You can catch a clip of both Ted K and Russian Doll, below.