Netflix shares new ‘Feel Good’ season two trailer
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix shares new ‘Feel Good’ season two trailer

Feel Good season two is set for a second season on Netflix who have launched a new trailer and release date for the forthcoming episodes. 

The romantic comedy first premiered on Channel 4 back in 2020 and following highly positive reviews Netflix snatched up Mae Martin’s creation and they have since taken over the production of a second season. 

The official logline for the series reads: “Mae & George’s complicated love story continues as Mae struggles to come to terms with the ghosts from her past and George tries to reinvent her present. Can they grow together, or will they grow apart?”

The ensemble cast of Charlotte Ritchie from Fresh Meat, Lisa Kudrow from Friends, Philip Burgers and Adrian Lukis, will also return for season two due on Netflix on June 4th.

For those who haven’t seen the show, it has been widely lauded for mixing comedy with heartwarming moments of sincerity as the troubled couple humorously battle their way through life.  

You can check out the new trailer for the season below.