Netflix share ‘You’ season four trailer
(Credit: Netflix)


Netflix share 'You' season four trailer

Fans of You can look forward to a brand new season in 2023. Netflix has just shared news of the hit series’ fourth run alongside a brand new teaser trailer. Starring Penn Badgley as serial killer Joe Goldberg, You was renewed for a scintillating fourth instalment before the third series even aired.

Netflix has confirmed that the much-anticipated fourth season will air in two separate instalments, with the first set to drop on February 10th, and the second following exactly a month later on March 10th.

The new season sees Goldberg making a new life for himself in London, having stripped away his former identity and replaced it with one clearly inspired by famed egotist Jordan Peterson. “I’m not the lovable bookstore manager in New York or the shop clerk in L.A. or the doting husband in the suburbs,” the reinvented Goldberg narrates. “No, not anymore.”

Introducing himself as Professor Jonathon Moore, Goldberg goes on to say: “Allow me to introduce myself. I’ve gone through a bit of refinement upon crossing the pond. And living in London has allowed me to bury the past, if you will.”

His voiceover continues: “Gone are the days of unrequited love and longing. This time around, I’m focusing on academia and instruction while keeping my typical extracurricular activities strictly professional. I made time to exchange ideas with like-minded colleagues. Unfortunately, with friends in high places, then usually come others attempting to climb that social ladder. So, they end up falling or shall I say, pushed, to their social death. The question, by who?”

News of You season four broke at Netflix’s recent TUDUM event, during which the streaming giant confirmed a release date for The Witcher season three. Attendees also got the chance to view some bloopers from the set of Stranger Things are watch a trailer for Lupin.