Netflix set to offer video games on platform “within the next year”
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Netflix set to offer video games on platform "within the next year"

In a huge development for fans of video games, Netflix announced that it would soon offer the option to play games on its platform. The TV and movie giant is clearly set on dominating every entertainment source it can.

According to Bloomberg, who cites a source “familiar with the situation”, have suggested that video games could be appearing on the streaming platform “within the next year” as well as its usual service.

Netflix isn’t looking to charge extra for the video games and will instead offer them as an alternative to their thousands of titles. This would mean that existing subscribers wouldn’t have to make any extra steps to access the games.

If it feels a little far-fetched, it should be noted that, in recent weeks, Netflix have hired former Electronic Arts and Oculus pioneer Mike Verdu as Vice President of game development.

Verdu was at Facebook when it became interested in gaming, and now it seems as though Netflix are following a similar pathway. It’s a journey the streaming platform has already begun.

Reports emerged in May about Netflix’s appetite for gaining gamer subscribers, with the company releasing a statement that said it was “excited to do more with interactive entertainment.” What Netflix’s gaming offer will look like is currently unknown, but if they approach it with the same enthusiasm they have offered to films and TV, it could be extraordinary indeed.

Below, watch the trailer for a previous outing in the gamer world, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.