Netflix set to end password sharing in India  
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix set to end password sharing in India 

Netflix has announced that it is bringing additional restrictions on account and password sharing in India – a country with a huge subscriber base, as it aims to replicate the success it has had in recent weeks. 

Netflix has been cracking down on password sharing since a slump in revenue growth as a result of the pandemic. The ban on sharing in India follows earlier imposed restrictions in other major markets like the US, UK, and France.

Password sharing has been a common occurrence among Netflix users as it splits the cost of the account between multiple users: it is estimated that more than 100 million households were sharing passwords and breaching its rules.

However, Netflix has claimed that each account is only meant for one household, and “everyone living in that household can use Netflix wherever they are”. It added that users can “invest heavily in a wide variety of new films and TV shows – so whatever your taste, mood, or language and whoever you are watching with, there is always something satisfying to watch on Netflix”.

The streaming giant has also announced paid sharing in an attempt to compromise, with users being able to pay an extra amount to share their accounts with users in other countries. 

In the first half of the year, Netflix suffered a loss of around one million accounts. However, following the restrictions on password sharing earlier in the year, the platform gained 5.9million new members.

The new restrictions for Netflix India users come as many highly-anticipated releases finally reach the platform, including Kohrra, Lust Stories 2, Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar, Chhota Bheem, and Kathal – A Jackfruit Mystery.