Netflix secretly previews new releases for select members
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Netflix secretly previews new releases for select members

After facing immense backlash for their dwindling content quality, it seems like Netflix has taken the feedback quite seriously. The streaming platform has lost a massive subscriber base due, in part, to poor content quality and a sudden hike in subscription prices alongside a saturation of the market. 

Aiming to be at the top of its game once again, Netflix has decided to take viewer feedback very seriously in developing its new content. As such, they have now begun releasing exclusive Original content to a select panel of members to gather feedback ahead of the global release of such titles. 

Some Netflix subscribers have been given access to the Original content ahead of its release since the streamer has been reaching out to small groups of subscribers, inviting them to participate in this feedback process where they are required to watch the titles ahead of their public release. 

The groups are being sent an email which is described as “an incredibly important part of creating best-in-class content”. 

Those who are chosen to be a part of the panel are required to watch a number of films and shows across six months to provide a unique “range of perspectives”, after which they are required to answer the following questions to the streamer: “what you liked, what you didn’t, how you’d make it even better, or how likely you’d be to recommend it to friends and family”.

Currently, the feedback panel has only taken place in the United States. Besides testing various other features to improve the user interface, the streamer wants to take into account what people enjoy. These users are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement with the streamer. 

It is yet unknown how their decisions affect films and television shows, and whether the data is used to develop more Original content. 

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