Netflix reopen restored Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood
(Credit: Cameron Venti)

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Netflix reopen restored Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood

The Egyptian Theatre, a famous movie theatre in Hollywood, will be re-opened to the public this week following a multi-million-dollar restoration project undertaken by streaming service giant Netflix.

The company began work on the cinema three years ago. The Egyptian is one of the most famous theatres in Hollywood, having hosted the first-ever film premiere back in 1922 for Robin Hood starring Douglas Fairbanks.

According to Netflix, the restoration has cost more than $70 million, which has included the preservation of the original design in the courtyard and inside areas and improved sound and visual equipment.

Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos recently noted, “If you had seen the theatre over the last couple of years before we were able to get in and do this work, you’d see it was showing every bit of its 100 years.”

“To be able to bring it back, and it’s a beautiful movie house, is just an incredible point of pride for us,” Sarandos added.

Netflix will host their film premieres at the Egyptian beginning with a screening of David Fincher’s The Killer on November 9th. Weekends will see classic films chosen by American Cinematheque, the group who originally purchased the theatre in 1986.

“Even though we had spent considerable money renovating it, it still was not what we really dreamt it could be,” American Cinematheque Chairman Rick Nicita said. “It’s a brand new old movie palace if that’s not a contradiction in terms. I can’t wait now to see a movie here.”