Netflix removes basic tier subscription in Canada
(Credit: Mollie Sivaram)

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Netflix removes basic tier subscription in Canada

Netflix is experimenting with its new tiered subscription model, pulling the basic tier from availability in Canada. 

The basic tier, which is the standard subscription for most Netflix users, costs $10 a month and is the cheapest plan people can opt for if they are wishing to use an ad-free service. With this basic tier being removed, however, users in Canada are being forced to choose between the $7 a month ad-filled tier, the $15.50 ad-free standard tier and the premium tier, which costs $20 a month. 

It is understood that users who currently have the basic tier will be able to keep hold of their subscription unless they choose to switch tiers or close their account.

Meanwhile, new Netflix users in Canada will no longer be able to choose the basic tier plan. 

The move comes amid Netflix’s efforts to drive up profits and crack down on users sharing accounts with friends and family. Now, if users wish to continue sharing their accounts with others who don’t live in the same household, the individual in charge of the subscription will have to pay $8 extra a month.

Their efforts to increase profits have already seen strong results, with the newly-announced password-sharing policy seeing a rise in new subscribers.