Netflix will removes ads on fourth episode if viewers watch three in a row
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix will removes ads on fourth episode if viewers watch three in a row

Streaming giant Netflix have announced a new feature as part of their ad-supported subscription tier that will encourage binge-watching. “Binge Ad” will arrive at the beginning of 2024 and will allow users to watch a fourth episode ad-free if they binge-watch three in a row.

The streamer has said that they want this option to encourage viewing behaviour in which subscribers watch several episodes of a TV show in a row, a popular method of watching on Netflix and other streaming services.

There is now a reward in place for users to watch Netflix without taking a break, and the motive is for the streamer to continue to grow and increase viewing stats and revenue in their customers.

Netflix was an ad-free service for many years, but in November 2022, they finally decided to offer a lower-priced ad-supported subscription tier, which has thus far proven to be a big success.

The streamer charges $7 for the tier, and they can also charge companies and brands for advertising their products. There was a recent price hike over at Netflix, but it did not apply to the ad-based tier.

This would supposedly make the option even more attractive to potential and existing customers, and the numbers show that there are currently around 15 million active global users using the ad-based option.

The ad version of Netflix has also seen sponsorships to certain shows in the United States, a feature which will soon roll out in other parts of the world.