Netflix releases video slate teasing upcoming films and television shows
(Credits: Netflix)

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Netflix releases video slate teasing upcoming films and television shows

Netflix has unveiled a teaser video slate featuring forthcoming films and television shows scheduled for release on the streaming platform.

In recent years, Netflix has customarily unveiled a sizzle trailer showcasing its movie slate along with a document detailing all upcoming titles along with specific release dates or broad windows.

Nonetheless, the new slate includes previews for the new series of Squid Game, alongside Back in Action, Cobra Kai, Atlas, The Diplomat, Black Doves, Rebel Moon – Part 2: The Scargiver, Griselda, Outer Banks, The Union, Bridgerton, The Umbrella Academy, and more.

Also making its debut this year is Damsel, the latest fantasy film starring Millie Bobby Brown taking on the role of a woman promised to a charming prince, only to discover it’s a deceptive trap.

“She was exceptional,” director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo told Total Film. “She understood that this needed to be an extreme survival experience. And in order to make that believable, you have to convey suffering and pain.”

In February, also anticipate new episodes of Rhythm + Flow Italy and a revitalised version of Avatar: The Last Airbender. The thrills continue as The Mire: Millennium also unveils its latest season.

Although we are already aware of many of this year’s releases, Netflix has yet to confirm many scheduled dates, full glimpses, and confirmations regarding cast members and subsequent seasons.