Netflix releases trailer for new Arnold Schwarzenegger doc
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Netflix releases trailer for new Arnold Schwarzenegger doc

As Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to the silver screen in FUBAR, Netflix has unveiled the first trailer for the documentary Arnold. The documentary is set to air in three distinct parts chronicling the different facets of the man behind films like Predator and The Terminator.

The documentary is being helmed by Lesley Chilcott, who had previously worked on the film An Inconvenient Truth, along with Allen Hughes of The Defiant Ones serving as executive producer. The film seeks to portray the life of Arnold in three different parts: that of the athlete, the actor and The American.

Prior to his film career, Schwarzenegger was best known for being a bodybuilder before becoming known in Hollywood for his humungous physique. As he started to gain roles in films like Conan the Barbarian, Schwarzenegger eventually landed the Terminator franchise, playing the killing machine that ends up saving John Connor.

From there, Schwarzenegger was catapulted into stardom, starring in several other blockbusters, including Predator, Total Recall and Last Action Hero. After becoming one of the biggest action stars in the world, Schwarzenegger took on new life when he became the governor of California, which is set to be explored in the final chapter of the series.

Arnold premieres on Netflix on June 7th.