Netflix releases preview of ‘Sweet Magnolias’ season three’s first episode
(Credit: Netflix)


Netflix releases preview of 'Sweet Magnolias' season three's first episode

As the third season of the romantic drama Sweet Magnolias is coming to Netflix later this month, fans have been teased by the streaming service. It has released a preview of the first five minutes of the first episode, which picks up from where season two left. 

We see the main characters Maddie (JoAnna García Swisher), Dana Sue (Brooke Elliott) and Helen (Heather Headley) as close as can be, but in true Sweet Magnolias fashion, their personal lives looks about to hit the rocks.

The trio of friends can be seen supporting Cal, Maddie’s love interest, following his fight with Stu, and Helen offers her services as an accomplished attorney to help the matter to its end. It appears that Cal is willing to make things right in any way possible, including taking some time away from the public gaze, seemingly including his romance with Maddie. 

Elsewhere, Helen’s future with Erik is touched on, with her distancing herself from her lover to look at the engagement ring her ex-boyfriend, Ryan, gave her. Notably, Erik is the sous chef at Dana’s restaurant, Sullivan’s, and is a mentor to Isaac, another staff member at the establishment. 

The preview has also produced another mystery. Some viewers have been attempting to figure out the story of the woman who pierced the Sullivan’s van, telling Annie that her mother, Dana Sue, is a “life ruiner”.

While more information is scarce, this new character seems to be coming for Dana Sue and Ronnie’s relationship. Whilst it is still unconfirmed, it seems that Ronnie and the woman, who is revealed to be called Kathy, have a history. Some have postulated that this could well be the woman he cheated with.

Sweet Magnolias premiered on Netflix in May 2020. Developed by Sheryl J. Anderson, it is based on the series of novels by Sheryl Woods. Star JoAnna García Swisher said in 2021: “This is one of those jobs that I’m working with really good people, kind, kind wonderful people. The twinkle and the magic of Serenity really bleeds into our work environment. It’s been an incredible, enormous gift.”