Netflix releases official trailer for ‘Transformers’ series
(Credit: Cameron Venti)

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Netflix releases official trailer for ‘Transformers’ series

Ahead of its release in March 2022, Netflix has finally released the official trailer for the upcoming Transformers series, titled Transformers: BotBots

With ten episodes only 22 minutes in length, this animated series will be the first-ever comedy series in the Transformers franchise. 

Helmed by showrunner Chris ‘Doc’ Wyatt, the show will be executive produced by Kevin Burke and Wyatt. 

The trailer shows the Transformer robots assuming the guise of everyday mall objects to stay away from the prying eyes of the “flesh creatures” or humans. In a very Night at the Museum or Toy Story fashion, they remain on the store shelves during the day while embarking on various (mis)adventures at night. 

Called the ‘Lost Bots’, they soon put other bots in jeopardy by nearly blowing their cover. The show will chronicle a journey of acceptance and friendship as this hilarious and ragtag team of misfits try and get along despite their differences. 

Wyatt and Burke have previously worked together on Transformers Rescue Bots Academy. Besides the upcoming Netflix series, Nickelodeon is working on its animated version of the Transformers

The Netflix series promises a lot of zany humour, epic adventures and undying hilarity. It will debut on Netflix on March 25th, 2022. 

Watch the trailer below: