Netflix release new trailer for ‘Society of the Snow’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix release new trailer for ‘Society of the Snow’

Netflix have released a new trailer for the J.A. Bayona movie Society of the Snow, a retelling of the story of a 1972 plane crash that happened in the Andes. The film closed this year’s Venice Film Festival.

The Spanish-language movie was shot in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Spain. It tells the true tale of the Montevideo Christians Rugby Club’s flight crashing into the Andes when flying to Chile.

After crashing at a height of nearly 12,000 feet, only 29 out of 45 passengers survived the initial crash. The survivors then had to survive in freezing temperatures with no food, eventually resorting to eating the flesh of the deceased.

A few months ago, Bayona told Deadline, of his excitement at having the film released at the Venice Film Festival. “What I love about the screenings we’ve had so far,” he said, “is that nobody stood up as soon as the story ended.”

“All of them were in shock, which, by the way, is the kind of experience I was hoping for,” the director added. “It’s a difficult movie, but, in the end, it’s a most optimistic view of what human beings are at their core. It tells you, when we are taken away from everything that we have, what arises and what surfaces.”

The film will be released theatrically on December 15th, before becoming available for streaming on Netflix on January 4th.

Check out the new trailer for Society of the Snow below.